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The Thumberlina

“兄弟”, 阿斯蒂芭贝拉

Barbera d' Asti DOCG


The Taste Profile : A third version of Barbera made by Lars. Fresh and inviting, with aromas of red cherries, raspberries, and a hint of violet. Juicy red berries dominate, complemented by nuances of cranberry and a whisper of white pepper. The simplicity of its steel tank aging allows the pure fruit flavors to shine..  Smooth and elegant, this Barbera di Asti offers a fresh and simplistic style, perfect for those who appreciate a more straightforward, yet beautifully expressive wine. Ideal for pairing with light dishes or enjoying on its own as an everyday pleasure.

 "兄弟", 是安徒生童话里的一则故事。. 点击这里 阅读这个故事概要和我们如何为酒起名字的。




Denomination:                            Barbera d’Asti DOCG Superiore

Vintage:                                       2021

Grape variety:                             100 % Barbera

Production:                                  440 bottles

Average yield per ha:                 3500 kgs

First vintage:                               ~ 1920, 2015 as Qimisola

Bottle size:                                  75cl


Color:                                            Intense ruby red

Bouquet:                                       Aromas of blueberry with fresh cherry and raspberry, hints of spices

Taste:                                             Fruity acidity and a balanced silky texture

Evolution:                                       1-5 years

Alcohol content/pH level:            15.6%/3.45

Total acidity/Sugar content:       6.2/4.1 grams per liter

Serving temperature:                  16-18 Celsius

Recommended glass:                 Syrah/Shiraz type

The versatility allows this wine to accompany an entire multi-course meal with fx.

cured meats, hearty pasta dishes, red or white meat mains and cheeses.


Location :                                      Bionzo, Costiglioled’Asti

Special characteristics:              South west exposure, old vines

Soil type:                                       Calcareous clay

Age of vines:                                 60 years

Training system:                           Guyot

Average altitude:                          300 meters above sea level

Vineyard size:                                0.8 ha

Farming:                                        Sustainable, limited use of pesticides, no herbicides.

Wine making process

Time of harvest:                           October 4th 2021

Cellar:                                            Az. Agricola Qimisola, Bionzo

Fermentation:                               Alcoholic (13 days) and malo-lactic fermentations in stainless steel tanks 

Aging:                                           20 months in stainless still vats. 

Bottling:                                        September 2023

Release:                                        July 2024

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